• Location: Beirut, Lebanon
  • Work from home position? Only during lockdown
  • Working schedule: Monday – Friday, 8 – 5 or 9 – 6
  • Probation period: 3 to 6 months
  • Annual leave: After probation / 15 days annual leave + public holidays
  • Salary: Fresh Dollars
  • Bonus scheme: Company bonus dependent on performance
  • Medical insurance: After completing your probation period
  • Opportunity to travel: To our Cyprus offices
  • Reporting to: General Manager & CMO

As a Website Administrator at JAYPAY, you’re going to be chiefly responsible for managing all of our websites. This includes managing the content on a series of websites which are built using WordPress as well as other websites which are built using headless CMS’s on React.

The ideal Website Administrator candidate is someone who already has experience in managing websites, as well as someone who has a little experience when it comes to developing websites as this will put you at an advantage. If you have experience in developing websites with HTML and CSS, this is a big plus. If you’re willing to learn how to develop in React, JavaScript, PHP, and C#, then this is a huge advantage.

JAYPAY: Our ethos

We could fill this section with fluff words which big us up. Thing is, when it comes to the JAYPAY brand, it’s not about us; it’s about our incredibly talented team, which could include you. Our team is what makes us. So, enough talk about why we think we’re great, let’s focus on what our team has to say:

“Simply the best company I’ve ever worked for. Don’t get me wrong, it’s demanding, but there’s so much to do and the vibes and energy in the office are the best I’ve ever felt. This is like no other company I’ve ever worked for in Lebanon. You’re respected, taught loads, and loved!”
Nader Aboullhosn
Former intern, now Growth Hacking Superstar

Your role as a Website Administrator

As a Website Administrator, it’s going to be your responsibility to ensure that the websites are working perfectly 100% of the time. This means that you’re going to have to ensure they’re all super-fast (great for SEO), are backed up, have zero broken links, and are translated. But the best bit is going to be when you research new UX/ UI methodologies and come to Management with a plan on how to make a page, section, or an entire website better! We’re going to be counting on you to ensure our websites are better than the competitions!

You’ll also be working closely with our General Manager and our CMO on all the current and future projects. It’s a fun and exciting role for anyone who wants to work for a fast-paced firm that’s going places. Plus, you’ll learn a lot. That’s a promise.


As a Website Administrator, you’ll be responsible for:

✓ Adding new content to the websites

✓ Ensuring the translations are done and added to the websites

✓ Making sure that all the websites are lightning fast

✓ All the internal link mapping is working flawlessly

✓ Ensuring that there are absolutely no broken links

✓ Creating new sitemaps

✓ Creating user journey maps

✓ Testing, testing, and even more testing to see if the user journeys work as they should

✓ Ensuring that all the sites are fully backed up in multiple locations and that the backups can be rolled out if there are any errors or issues

✓ Testing for any vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, etc.

✓ Testing and fixing bugs on the websites, and if you can, working to resolve simple coding issues

✓ Creating new and exciting pages across all our websites as well as having a vision for creating innovative features which enhance user experience

✓ Ensuring the technical feasibility of UI/UX designs

✓ Optimising all websites and web applications for maximum speed and scalability

✓ Assuring that all user input is validated before submitting to the back-end

✓ Collaborating with other team members and stakeholders

✓ Carrying out a lot of QA to ensure the websites are 100% perfect before pushing them to production



We’re looking for a hungry, driven Website Administrator who’s comfortable around WordPress as well as the ACF (Advance Custom Fields) plugin. We’re looking for a real team player who has a true knack for spotting any possible user issues and fixing them before the sites go live.

When it comes to adding new talent JAYPAY, we don’t just look at your academic background. You can have PhDs coming out of your arse, but if you don’t fit in, can’t smile, are incapable of having fun, can’t relax, or get off whatever high horse you’re on, maybe it’s best you try another marketing agency. We’re looking for brilliant minds that’ll turn heads with their creativity and make everyone around them
want to be around them.

For the role of Website Administrator, we’re looking for a brilliant mind who has the following in their

➢ Experienced when it comes to managing websites

➢ Adequate or good knowledge of HTML5 and experience with CSS3

➢ A brilliant understanding of how responsive websites work, and more importantly, what a responsive website is and what it clearly isn’t

➢ Experience with Git is an advantage

➢ A good understanding of what the staging to production process is

➢ The want to learn new development languages

➢ A god when it comes to time management and organization

➢ Someone who is responsible and takes full ownership of their work


When it comes to drawing up the candidate shortlist, we take a look at absolutely everything. But, if you’ve got this additional experience, you just might make it onto the shortlist faster than anyone else:

o Understands the fundamentals of UX/UI

o Has a little React experience and is hungry to learn more and become a kickass React demigod


You’ll be loved and cared for, and we show that to all our team in the form of the way we treat them as well as the monetary benefits they enjoy. You’ll be working out of our Beirut office at BDD, and you’ll be paid in Fresh US Dollars. You’re also put on a 100% medical coverage plan (once you’ve seen out your probationary period). Bonuses for exceptionally hard work are given too, and the working environment is fun, energetic, and magnetising.

Apply here

Simply fill in the form below and make sure you upload your outstandingly awesome cover letter. We accept Word Doc and PDF formats.

Alternatively, you could email us at careers@JAYPAYagency.com.

In the subject line, add the role, e.g., Website Administrator, followed by your full name. In the email you send us, don’t just add your CV but add a cover letter which really convinces us that you’re the person we need to interview.

Every application is treated confidentially. We’re not lovers of spam, and we’re quite sure you’re not too, so we’ll never give out your personal details to anyone. We’re fully GDPR compliant too.

We’re going to ask you to prove that you’re as good as you say you are, so you’re going to have to have to answer some pretty tough questions. Brush up on your skills!

Stay safe, stay awesome, and good luck!

The JAYPAY Careers Team