DevOps Engineer

As our DevOps Engineer, you’re going to be chiefly responsible for developing, managing, and monitoring the application and development infrastructure of our organisation, as well as that of our clients’. You’re also going to be chiefly responsible for setting up and maintaining any related projects that support your DevOps zone.

The ideal DevOps Engineer that we’re looking for is someone who already has experience in the DevOps field, as well as in managing databases such as Postgres, SQL, MariaDB, and MySQL.

This is a challenging role and JAYPAY is a fast paced company, therefore, if you have DevOps Engineering experience and are looking for a rewarding new challenge, please continue to read on.

JAYPAY: Our ethos

We could fill this section with fluff words which big us up. Thing is, when it comes to the JAYPAY brand, it’s not about us; it’s about our incredibly talented team, which could include you. Our team is what makes us. So, enough talk about why we think we’re great, let’s focus on what our team has to say:

“I thought I knew a lot about my field till I joined JAYPAY, then my eyes were opened. I thought I knew what people wanted to see in a website or a website application; then I joined JAYPAY. The team around me continues to go above and beyond and I have found myself inspired on a daily basis. I’ve not just upped my game here, but I’m learning how to be an entrepreneur, marketer, and brand genius. JAYPAY is breaking barriers. JAYPAY is disrupting, and I am so happy to be part of a brand that takes me places I never thought possible!”

Aya Hawa
Development Team Leader at JAYPAY

Your role as a DevOps Engineer

As a DevOps Engineer, it’s going to be your responsibility to understand both the development and engineering worlds. As a JAYPAY DevOps Engineer, you’re going to be working with various departments to create and develop systems within JAYPAY, both for us, and for our clients, which are based all over the world.

You’re going to be creating and implementing systems software, but your role doesn’t stop there. You’re also going to be analysing data to improve the existing systems we have. Your role as our DevOps Engineer is to increase productivity in the workplace, and what an exciting workplace it is here at JAYPAY at our Beirut, Lebanon offices! You’re going to be balancing various aspects of a project, and make no mistake, a lot of the projects are complex. As a JAYPAY DevOps Engineer, you’re also going to be involved in some aspect of the programming as well as the network building.

You’ll also be working closely with our Development Team Leader on all the current and future projects. It’s a fun and exciting role for anyone who wants to work for a fast-paced firm that’s not just going places; it’s now been to them and purchased title deeds. You’ll learn a lot while working at JAYPAY. That’s a promise.

Key responsibilities as a DevOps Engineer


As a DevOps Engineer, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Analysing current technologies which are utilised within JAYPAY. You’ll then have to develop steps and processes to improve and expand upon them.
  • Establishing milestones for necessary contributions from the Development Team. You’ll also have to develop processes to facilitate their collaboration.
  • Assisting the team of JAYPAY developers when it comes to creating practical demonstrations of proposed solutions and demonstrating them to other members of the team and stakeholders,
  • Providing detailed specifications for proposed solutions including materials, manpower and time necessary.
  • Providing clear goals for all areas of a project and developing steps to oversee their timely execution.
  • Work alongside our Project Management Team so that you can successfully monitor progress and implementation of initiatives.
  • Creating, managing, monitoring, troubleshooting, and building our cloud and software systems to support the development environment.
  • Carrying out complete configuration management.
  • Database administration, which will mean you have to create and maintain databases such as Postgres, SQL, MySql, MariaDB etc.
  • Working with CI/ CD tools.
  • Identifying and exploring new best practices and technologies to further our goal of global domination in the brand, marketing, and development space.
  • Automating processes and creating documentation for any processes you have automated or manage.
  • Supporting the Development team throughout the complete software development lifecycle.


What we’re looking for


We’re looking for a hungry, driven DevOps Engineer who’s comfortable working in a team. We’re looking for a real team player who has a true knack for spotting any issues.

When it comes to adding new talent to JAYPAY, we don’t just look at your academic background. You can have PhDs coming out of your arse, but if you don’t fit in, can’t smile, are incapable of having fun, can’t relax, or get off whatever high horse you’re on, maybe it’s best you try another company. We’re looking for brilliant minds that’ll turn heads with their flair and creativity, and make everyone around them want to be around them.

For the role of DevOps Engineer, we’re looking for a brilliant mind who has the following in their locker:

  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree in Computer Science or in a related field – Unless you can prove to us that you know your shit. Our founder and CEO doesn’t have a degree…
  • Understanding and experience in working with Agile methodology or something similar.
  • Knowledge of industry standard DevOps tools, techniques, and cloud technologies.
  • An abundance of experience when it comes to setting up and maintaining AWS and Azure server infrastructure. This is a biggie, so maybe it’s best you don’t apply if you have no idea what these are…
  • Experience with source control systems.
  • Experience in Enterprise Infrastructure.
  • Scripting and programming knowledge.
  • Experience working on Windows and Linux based infrastructure.
  • Experience in working with Containers and Cloud native platforms.
  • Strong understanding of technical design and system architecture.
  • Fluency in English, both verbal and written
  • Experience when working with Git and BitBucket. Another important aspect you need to have in your locker.
  • A god when it comes to time management and organisation
  • Someone who is responsible and takes full ownership of their work

Some advantages that could get you through the door


When it comes to drawing up the candidate shortlist, we take a look at absolutely everything. But, if you’ve got this additional experience, you just might make it onto the shortlist faster than anyone else:

  • Experience in developing in React & Next.js

Some of the perks

You’ll be loved and cared for, and we show that to all our team in the form of the way we treat them as well as the monetary benefits they enjoy. You’ll be working out of our Beirut office at BDD and you’ll be paid in Fresh US Dollars. You’re also put on a 100% medical coverage plan. Bonuses for exceptionally hard work are given too, and the working environment is fun, energetic, and magnetising. Another plus is that you’ll get to travel to our offices in Cyprus at least once a year.

How to apply

Click on where it says “apply”. Fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you. Every application is treated confidentially. We’re not lovers of spam, and we’re pretty sure you’re not too, so we’ll never give out your personal details to anyone. We’re fully GDPR compliant too.

We’re going to ask you to prove that you’re as good as you say you are, so you’re going to have to answer some tricky DevOps Engineering questions that only a qualified and experienced DevOps Engineer would know. Are you ready?

Stay safe, stay awesome, and good luck!

The JAYPAY Careers Team

*Medical insurance and annual leave are provided after your probation period ends.

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