We'll challenge you!

If you’re looking for a new career in marketing, JAYPAY might be your next destination. We’re always on the lookout for outstanding people who have an air of creativity about them. And seeing that JAYPAY is probably the fastest growing marketing agency in Lebanon, we just might be your new home!


Working with fun & exciting people allows you to be more creative. Fact. We’re all about the fun, the drive, and the creativity. You might fit right in at JAYPAY!​


We’ll challenge you massively at JAYPAY, don’t worry about that. Above all, we expect everyone at JAYPAY to challenge themselves. Take yourself to your next level!


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Jobs for creative marketers in lebanon

We currently have no open positions at JAYPAY.
Keep an eye on this section for future vacancies.

What you get from working at jaypay

Excitement, ambition, zest empowerment, inspiration, and any other adjectives you can think of.

That’s right, we value each and every member of JAYPAY. Why? Because we are our people. It’s our people that make us, it’s our people that drive us, and it’s our people that inspire us.

We’re looking for people who think differently. People who see a box and run a mile. We’re not interested in conventional thinkers, but rather people who are ready to disrupt the creative niches.