Digital MArketing Made better

Let’s cut right to the chase… You want leads and/ or sales. Sales brings in the money you need so you can make more money, or pay for an expensive divorce. Either way, sales is the end game here. JAYPAY’s Digital Marketing services bring in the sales. Period. From PPC (Pay-per Click) to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), and everything in between. We’ve got you and your divorce covered.

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Getting Noticed

If you want to bring in sales, you’re going to need an audience. We’ll make that happen. How? Read on, please.

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Enhancing Your Brand

Your audience is as strong as your brand, so we’ve got you covered on that aspect as we’ll enhance it & your products.

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Targeting Done Right

We’ll set up where you want to get your traffic/ audience from, but we’ll do the research to find out the best spots.

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Getting All Creative N’ Stuff

Now we get to work on your creatives. We’ll make them dazzling. This brings in the leads and sales. It’s what you need.

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Stalking / Tracking

We track & stalk your clicks using Google services such as Analytics & Tag Manager. We’ll understand what works.

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The Fun of Reporting

We introduce you to the JAYPAY dashboard, where we show you how many sales are in. We’ll keep this from your ex.


How can we help you pay for that pending divorce?

Fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.

    Our Digital Marketing Process:

    Not the divorce, that’s on you. Simply help us understand your pain points. Why should we buy your products and/ or services? What makes your brand stand out from the rest. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to answer that. We’ll come up with some jazz that’ll get Ray laughing again. Now we have the substance, we’re ready to rock and roll. We’re done with the Jazz innuendos. Bring on Guns N’ Roses…
    No, not your partner, we’re not there yet. By execution, we’re talking about targeting. We pick your target areas, cities, and/ or countries and build an ad plan. Sounds exciting, right? It is. We’re creative geeks. Now the ad plan is in place, we get to working on all the creatives that’ll bring the audience to your door. Not your real door as that may get you the divorce that’s coming to you, only a whole lot quicker than you anticipated.
    No, not your ex-partner as that’s wrong. We’re talking about stalking the stats. We’re geeks here at JAYPAY, remember? This is the fun part as we get to see which ads are working and why. We toss the ones that aren’t. There’s no emotion in marketing, but there is when your partner comes after all the money these ads are going to make. Remember that.